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Hospitably invited to visit hotel and restaurant complex BEST

One of most beautiful place in Podillya it is Dunaivtsy area.

The name of our city Dunaivtsy meaning “the town above lakes” and it's true. This land is rich in pure water reaches, comfy parks and forests, and attractive field. Here living nice, friendly and  hard-working people, whom loving their country. If you want or need to come and looking for staying, the hotel “Best” is nice, only and cosy place in Dunaivtsy which you can choose and stay.

Why hotel «BeSt»?

Because all our team will take care of  you.  You would be get the best conditions for rest and stay in our hotel and have only pleasant experience and a desire to visit us again. Hotel «BeSt» located at the entrance to the city Dunaivtsi, in a quiet and comfortable area. From here you can get in anywhere in our area, see the picturesque waterfall in Maliyivtsi, Park Mynkovetchyni  or in village Myhaylivka, visit a sample of Gothic architecture - the church in s.Pidlisnyy Mukariv, and many beautiful and interesting places.

Also  «BeSt» it is only hotel and restaurant on the way in famous city as Kamenetz-Podilsk. This city is worth a visit in many season. The Kamenez-Podilsk is attractive because of many historical and beautiful places.  It city is second before Kyiv and Lviv with historical and culture places.

If you are traveling on your own car the hotel “Best” provides easy parking in reliable location and safety of your vehicle. In hotel we have  convenience and comfort rooms single three-star hotel it is for sure. You can select among available rooms the one that will suit you according to the will and price.

Of course, the biggest display of Ukrainian hospitality is a feast. Cooks of the restaurant can satisfy the most demanding customer, offering dishes of different national cuisines. If you plan to celebrate the solemnity loud we have for you  elegant banquet hall in hotel and restaurant complex «BeSt», which is our pride will be a good venue for your holiday.

For people who like sport or want go to gym we have good organized fitness centre with slogan: "A healthy body - healthy mind". It will be useful for all our guests working with professional trainers and high-quality equipment in it.


So, welcome to our hotel and restaurant complex «BeSt»!